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o…oh… I did something very sad…. 
yes that’s a crown of sea shells…

You’re my alien boyfriend . _ . I don’t care I couldn’t romance you… not even sure where I would start.

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for morning peeps <3

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queenofperv replied to your post “Sometimes I like to ponder the fact that none of my former class mates…”

wait you left uni?

yeah… just temporarily tho. Starting again in September, but that’ll get me behind my classmates and stuff and I’m redoing classes I’ve failed.

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Sometimes I like to ponder the fact that none of my former class mates from uni really care that I’m gone. Granted I kinda just quietly went away in shame without telling anyone but… dunno… it feels odd that of the 6 people I used to hang out with only one knows where I went, and even that isn’t because she asked directly. I’m not really hurt about it cause I sort of started isolating myself on purpose towards the end so I’d be able to make a clear decision about leaving without emotional attachment. Buuut still… It’s a weird feeling knowing you were such an insignificant part of people’s lives. And I wonder if I’ll be able to find new people to hang out with once I start studying again. I’m worried I wont since I wont properly be a part of the class. And then my last local friend might be moving to study in another city. I will quite literally be all alone. Woop-de-doo.






Please reblog if you know anyone who might take party drugs.

I’m not an emt yet, but everytime I see someone do drugs, I just hope they’re smart enough to remember these points.

As an nurse with ER experience, same thing. Dear God please just tell us what you took. I will not tell anyone from law enforcement or your parents or whoever, I just need to know so I can save your life. Please.

you know doctor patient confidentiality? yeah that extends to EMT’s as well so basically unless you murdered somebody when they pick you up they aren’t going to tell the police because its not their responsibility to do that only if you turn up with giant stab wounds and full of lead will they call the police cause its obvious something serious has happened to you and not just some misguided judgements also it stops you getting the wrong treatment and possibly dying or becoming worse off in the waiting room of A&E.

This^ All of it.

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oh man :(

i, for one, am excited to see what danny devito will bring to the table. i hope he and chris hemsworth have good chemistry

You son of a bitch ^. This is fake. First off, tom loves Loki so much and said that he could go on for 9 movies if they’d let him. Second of all, marvel is not stupid enough to recast Loki and lose all that money. I hope there is a special place in hell for you.


i hope you’re right about it being fake. I just cried so much when i read that tweet. i though to myself “They’re making that thing play LOKI? NO FUCKING WAY. NO. LOKI IS SUPPOSED TO BE BEAUTIFUL WHICH MEANS HE’S SUPPOSED TO BE TOM HIDDLESTON” I did not mean offence to the Danny dude, but that just made me very upset that someone would do this. Tom is Loki and if he decides to leave, Marvel should just quit making the movies. There’s no Marvel if there’s no Tom

See I’m not the only one who got upset by this. So stop saying “it’s a joke, chill.” Because it wasn’t funny!

It’s been confirmed, here’s some set images

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Nintendo Oui

I have been waiting for this for 84 years

It is…how you say a…metaphor


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World, prepare to be in a cloudy state of awe and confusion. It’s almost…



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